Category: Adult Webcam Reviews: Which Adult Cam Site Is Best?

Our aim from the beginning was to create a site that would provide unbiased adult webcam reviews so that you could choose a cam service that met all of your needs. Meaning you didn’t need to waste time and money finding legit cam girls or guys who you could explore your sexual needs with.

Today we’ve reviewed dozens of adult cam sites and chat to hundreds of cam models, just to sift out the bad and give you the best. Below are the most recent adult cam reviews our team has rated.

What Makes a Good Cam Site?

Obviously, everyone is different and we all have our preferred sexual fantasies, but for the most part a good cam site can really be broken down into a few areas that most folks would agree with.

Model quality – No-one likes ugly models. It’s imperative that you are attracted to the model, otherwise there’s no point in signing up.

Features – If the cam site is big, trusted and they invest wisely, their platform will be awesome and have some cool features to play with.

Support – Customer service is of the utmost importance… even in the webcam industry.

Speed – There’s nothing worse than a webcam that lags because of the models terrible equipment, internet speed or the platforms outdated features.

Webcam quality – The onus on the quality of the webcam falls on the model. However it’s also up to you to have a solid internet connection and a decent webcam if you’re into the cam 2 cam thing.